Flood Deggendorf

In summer 2013 the hundred year flood hit many communities in germany. Disastrous pictures reached us by the media. Pictures, we only know of natural disasters..

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Project Brühl

Brühl - German lessons for refugees: In aware of the steadily increasing number of refugees in Germany and the related problems, we decided to support...

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Schools for Siem Reap

In most parts of Cambodia, resources for education or schooling are very limited.

With an official average income...

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Wells for Siem Reap

This is where it all began.
With the knowledge that only ca. 30% of all Cambodians have access to fresh drinking water and that the water they use comes...

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Cystic Fibrosis Vancouver

Project "Cystic Fibrosis Vancouver":
To give something back of the good that we have experienced in this life and on this planet – that is our motivation!...

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We founded the association to help adults and children in need worldwide.

This means that we support projects which aim to improve the quality of life with regard to health, education...