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Flood Deggendorf

In summer 2013 the hundred year flood hit many communities in germany. Disastrous pictures reached us by the media. Pictures, we only know of natural disasters in the United States or Asia.

Most of us felt powerless and of course often there might have crossed the thougt people’s mind: "Thank God, it didn’t happen here.” 

Early August 2013 we decided to contact the municipality of Deggendorf and offered our help. After we had picked out some worst affected families, we set out for Deggendorf to get an idea of the conditions there personally and to speak directly with the affected families.

It was terrifying to see that nearly at each house the exterior plaster was chipped up to 1st floor, because water as well as oil got into the houses up to the first floor. According to latest information at least 150 houses had to be demolished due to health risks.

As we had been in contact with the selected families and had the possibility to talk with them elaborately, we felt even two months after the disaster, how deeply shocked people were still. Most of them lost a large part of their property; they lost personal items, which can’t be replaced by anything. Besides, they worry about the future and the uncertainty about further strains.

After the first contact to the affected families it was quite plain to us, that quick help is needed and their home must be restored. Immediately we provided a larger amount, which should be sufficient to supply our families with the most needed things.

We helped with a lot of pleasure and great respect for these families and are very happy having supplied a small part of non-bureaucratic help.

Yours Andrea Barth-Basche